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ESPRESSO: £3.2 / FILTER: £6.5

(2) Diego Bermudez - Kawa

Colombia Anaerobic Thermal Shock Peach and Apricot Diego's distinctive processing has led to this castillo being pungent and fruity and smooth


El Vergel - Plot


Colombia Washed Caramel, Berries This is an Ethyl Acetate Decaffeinated Caturra from Shady and Elias Bayter

Los Nogales - DAK

ESPRESSO: £5.7 ~ FILTER: £6.5

Colombia Anaerobic Washed Banana, Dragon Fruit 90 Hours of fermentation and delicate. decaffination have left this typica tasing like banana milkshake!



Bourbon Rose - Kawa

Colombia Washed Anaerobic Cinnamon, Papaya, Apricot From the La Riviera farm in Risaralda, this example of the bourbon rose varietal boasts notes of spices with a creamy papaya sweetness.

Cocoa Deluxe - People Possession

Huila, Colombia Washed Anaerobic Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate An excellent example of the caturra varietal produced by small producers in the region and sourced by CATA export. Dark chocolate body, with notes of sweet stone fruits.


ESPRESSO: £5.7 / FILTER: £6.5

Mauricio Shattah - People Possession

Colombia Anaerobic Natural Violet, Yellow Melon, Banana This is a wush wush variety from Finca La Negrita.

P.P.Y.H. - People Possession

Colombia Honey Double Ferment Strawberry, Cherry

Finca Milan - Kawa

Colombia Anaerobic Fruit Fermented Coconut, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate This is a Caturra which has been fermented with the rind and flesh of the coconut

Lime Ball - DAK

Colombia Experimental Washed Lime Cheesecake, Eucalyptus, Clove A cenicafe varietal from Angie Hernandez at the Los Nogales farm in Huila. Refreshing lime with botanical eucalptus.

Lulu Bingo - DAK

Colombia Honey Carbonic Maceration Lulo Fruit, Kiwi, Pineapple This Caturra varietal from Edwin Norena at Campo Hermosa in Quindio has been co-fermented with their native lulo fruit. In the cup, it is fermentation forward, with a big tropical complexity.



Wilton Benitez - Kawa

Colombia Thermal Shock Sidra Rose, Lychee, Elderflower Wilton has composed an intensely sweet and floral sidra with

Finca El Placer - Kawa

Colombia Anaerobic Maragesha Lavender, Persimmon The Maragesha is a hybrid variety of Geisha and Maragogype discovered in 2017


José Luttrell #3132 - Kawa

Panama Double Anaerobic Natural Geisha Peach, Mango, Jasmine

José Luttrell #15 - Kawa

Panama Double Anaerobic Geisha Chamomile, Orange, Lavander

José Luttrell #7 - Kawa

Panama Natural Geisha Pineapple, Cinnamon

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